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.Thursday, January 8, 2009 ' 11:50 PM Y
haPpie 2009..
it's a new yr so i have to blog xp
jux came back from cg appreciation chalet..
the chalet was a great sucess n
ashley is now in army le.. jia you ash!!

YES!!i have bought my ice cream phone =)
happie.. it's really a great n nice phone..

signing off.. veri lazy to blog le.. haha xD


.Wednesday, September 10, 2008 ' 9:42 AM Y
oh yes!!!counting down to another 4 more days to end of work..!! workis really tiring and i dun realli like tt job...jux can't wait for sunday than i can go service and after work can go out awhile with jia, germaine and yi long =).. iam starting to miss soooo much things..ESP church & my cell grp... have been miss ing cg meetings and bible study..

and yes.. i was deciding whether of not to take gu zheng grade 6 today.. i's jux scared as this whole year i haven really been touching it...further more exam is like in 2 mthns time... i think i will have to practise it everyday after work...

well i got lots of things to buy.. still deciding i should buy l0ng champ bag? or Gucci... hahaha
SUNDAY... pls come fast fast... i wan to be free and to get $$$$ for SHOPPING!!!!! heehee..

i miss my princecessy phone. it's been spoilt and i haven bring it for it's checkup...


.Tuesday, August 26, 2008 ' 10:19 AM Y
YES!!! At last i have the time to post..time realli flies.. sems one of yr 2 just flew past.. it's holiday now but soon i will be starting work with my 2 buddies...jux looking forward to working..hehe den got $$$ to shop shop...

28 augt-14 sept -working
15 sep-12oct-dip plus(well only in afternoon & only a few days)

well tot i could not continue with my dip plus but miraculoursly i scored a B so i will have to continue with the 3rd module... hopefully i will mange to finish all 4 module den when i graduate i have one more extra cert.. =)

finally had time to go shopping on sun with my 2 best church frenx.. was a fruitful shopping though..i bought a demin skinnies, hurs top and a curler to curl my hair...

i wan more shopping...!!

just put in a hello kitty background.. my hello kitty craze is back again.. lol..XD


.Wednesday, June 18, 2008 ' 9:39 AM Y
It's been so long since i blog..
It's been a few days after SOZO camp..
But everything seems like it's yesteday..
SOZO was realli fun.. i realli enjoy the 3 full days with my cg..
we felt soo close with each other during the the camp...
there's realli Unity n Love btw us..

Next thing in the camp is the drama team..
Realli thank God for the chance to work with this grp of ppl..
I really enjoy the time we had together..
the late nite practices and reherseal..
We have made the drama a success..
Also thank God for the friendshipo that was built btw us...

I had really encounter alot of things after SOZO..
A lot of vision n thought have been coming to mi..

Tuesday meeting with the leaders was realli good..
the word was realli in season..
It's really depends on what ground we r fell upon..
I realli wan to lead my ppl to a better place and adding values to them!!
" success is not a success without a successor!!'

I have been sleping alot for the past few day..
feel so unfruitful.. wasting my time sleeping...
JESSICA pls use ur time wisely n do sumthing more fruitful!!


.Sunday, April 20, 2008 ' 10:40 AM Y
Haven been bloging since i came back form China...
School jux started and its like one week has jux passed like tt..
the whole month had been a busy month for mi..
jux went came back from china i hav my F.O.C camp...
At the same time also had diploma plus...
i realli think that 24 hrs a day is NOT enough...

Year 2 is realli soo different from yr one..
soo much more busy and more quizes..
jux reali hope that i will maintain my GPA
and to juggle with my dip plus!!

i miss my gal frenx =(


.Wednesday, March 5, 2008 ' 6:54 PM Y
Hahaha...trying to be lame...
I am NOW In Terminal 3..LOL
Flight delay again...



. ' 5:01 PM Y
helo.. haha i am actualli at airport now... was supposed to board the flight at 8.10 am... but the flight was delay to 1 plus... i am sooo bored at the airport now... was at airport since 5am... tt's sooo lol... hahaah..

Starting to miss home, n my bear.... =p



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